This is San José Unified.

Steeped in our history.
Rich in our diversity.
Committed to all students.
We are San José Unified.

The words we use,
the decisions we make,
the actions we take.
They all reflect who we are.

The resources here were designed
to support you in clearly communicating
our story, using our voice, and in our style.

Nancy Albarrán

Part I: Strategy

Our Brand Strategy

Our brand is the encapsulation of what we stand for—the distinctly unique space we take up in our world. It is our North Star, and guides everything we do.

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Part II: Voice

Our Brand Voice

Learn more about what we stand for, what we aim to achieve, and the big idea behind our unified brand.

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Part III: Design

Our Visual Expression

How we look and feel. Learn more about our visual design system and the tools for using our logo, colors, typefaces, imagery, and more.

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Part IV: Website

Our Online Experience

How our brand appears online. Access designs and templates for developing district and school websites.

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