Our brand is the encapsulation of what we stand for — the distinctly unique space we take up in our world.

Brand strategy is our north star, guiding everything we do.

As our role in the community and the public education system continues to evolve, it's important to set down guidelines, which will help us make decisions that move our brand forward in one clear, unified direction. Use these as a guide when creating anything that represents San José Unified School District.

Brand Idea

This is our essence — an encapsulation of what our brand represents.

Be Curious


The higher ideal that guides the choices we make. It explains why we do what we do (and why it's worth doing).

Reimagine Learning


What we aim to achieve. It explains the specific direction we aim for in service of delivering on our purpose.

Preparing today's students to be the thinkers, leaders, and creators of tomorrow.


Explains how we will achieve our vision.

Uniting as one community, we elevate opportunities for all.


What we aim to achieve. It explains the specific direction we aim for in service of delivering on our purpose.

SJUSD is reinventing the educational system by bringing together teachers and staff with parents and students, inspiring them to discover their own greatness.


A collection of human characteristics that articulate how our brand looks, feels, and acts. This directly inspires our tone of voice and our visual expression.

We go beyond the status quo to reach the unexpected.

We continually ask “what if?”

We look for new models and new ways of thinking.

We do it all together.

We never give up—on our students, our staff, or ourselves. We have high expectations, and go above and beyond to ensure everyone is able to meet them.


Our brand manifesto helps introduce our new brand, explaining what it means to "Be Curious". While this isn't intended to be shared publicly, it helps inspire our internal teams and align around a common story.

We live in a new kind of world.

A world full of great potential — and great challenges.

This world needs more than just
rule followers.

It needs more than a generation skilled only at memorization or multiple choice tests.

What our world needs is a new generation of thinkers. Creators. Collaborators. Learners.

A generation that continues to question, think, and innovate.

And it starts here, with us — in our schools and our community.

We come together as one to inspire each and every student to strive for a better life.

To embrace every child’s uniqueness and offer choices that allow everyone to discover their own path.

To live the values we teach.

We inspire with our actions, our words, and our ideas. We promote a love of learning.

We passionately pursue the unknown.

We encourage everyone to dream, imagine what’s possible, and ask “what if?” — elevating opportunities.

Be Curious.