Typography plays a significant role in our design system. We strive to keep typography clean, clear and legible. We've also made it simple by using two system fonts, which means they are accessible to everyone.


Our primary font is Times New Roman and our secondary font is Arial. Both fonts play different roles and are used to communicate different types of information.

Times New Roman helps convery an editiorial and conversational tone. Therefore, we use it for key messages and stories to our audiences. We recommend only using Regular and Italic styles of Times New Roman.

Arial’s role is more functional, helping communicate supportive and informational messaging. We recommend only using Bold and Regular styles of Arial.


In communication, hierarchy helps dictate and pull attention to the most important text. Font color can be a factor in setting hierarchy.


Our fonts can be used throughout any application by selecting Times New Roman or Arial within the application's font selector.

Writing San José

Remember to properly set the “é” accent when typing “San José Unified School District”.


Do not use fonts, font colors, and font styles outside our global styles.

Do not use font styles other than its intended use.

Do not add or modify font styles.