Rebrand & Web Style Guide

This project was the nearest and dearest to me. Helping in this day and age, and especially in the agency/tech life is hard to come by. I really feel like the team integrated well with the community in San Jose and really focused to express and give them the best identity/rebrand possible. The website was one of the larger pieces of the whole thing, which I got to help construct.


Along with conducting user research with the team, my responsibilities included information architecture, UX & product strategy, wireframing, front-end styleguide development (video above), and front-end design.

Sometimes you don't always get to work with development agencies that are using React/Angular/any of the new languages. Sometimes you're forced to work with an old school company. This was challenging for sure but allowed us to work within the confines of their capabilities. As much as it could be frustrating, it was also enjoyable in the end.

So was helping refresh this really wonderful communities website and brand. The website unfortunately looked like it was still living in the 90's so it's no surprise that we're already hearing great things about the new one. Making a difference in this way really made us all feel great.