Our imagery should feel vibrant, diverse, conversational, emotional, and—most importantly—human. Images that communicate collaboration, diversity, and interaction work with the logo to tell a unified story.

Photography Style


For extra impact and alignment to our logo, imagery can be contained within our mark. When doing so, it’s important to maintain the subtle gradients. Additional color gradients can also be applied throughout the image, aligning directly to the audience type.

Creative Commons Zero License

All photographs used within our brand center, including examples, are licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). This means the photograph is available and open to can copy, modify, distribute.

You can learn more about Creative Commons Zero and discover a wide range of beautiful, quality photography at the links below.

Unsplash.com      Pexels.com


Do not over-saturate or over-complicate imagery.

Do not distort, rotate, or flip imagery.

Do not over-stylize imagery.

Do not pair imagery with unrelated / irrelevant colors or elements.