The combination of our voice and tone ensures our messaging is always distinct.


Our voice is our unique identity. It is a fixed idea, the driving force behind the words we choose and the way we speak.


Our tone explains how our voice sounds. Depending upon the message and audience, different tone attributes can be emphasized. For example, we might be more warm when speaking to students, but more bold when speaking to the community.

Our voice is an Inclusive Leader

We’re an indispensable influence in our community and our field. We are curious about the world of tomorrow, and share insights and ideas that inspire others to discover their own curious natures. We bring people together in an open, natural manner, asking questions and fostering conversations that inspire curiosity. We’re an integral resource that interacts with everyone in a useful, clear, and compassionate way.

Our tone is Warm, Authentic, and Bold

  • Warm: We are genuine, friendly, and human. No matter the subject, our tone invites people to develop a relationship with us.
  • Authentic: We’re transparent and open. We use simple language and sentences. We say what we mean — we don’t over sensationalize the good, or sugar coat the bad.
  • Bold: We are intentional and courageous in what we say. We break down complex jargon into useful, actionable ideas.

Selling Proposition

Our selling proposition explains our unique offering for each of our different audiences. SJUSD is an innovative educational expert that inspires curiosity in all participants:

For Teachers & Staff

SJUSD is a forward-thinking employer, providing a high level of support, continuing education, and mindful leadership that helps foster and retain motivated and successful employees.

For Families

SJUSD is an open-minded partner, committed to establishing a positive, collaborative relationship with every family. We provide unique opportunities and resources for families to engage with and participate in their child’s education.

For Students

SJUSD is a nimble educational resource, providing the inspiration, tools, and guidance each student needs to become an active and engaged lifelong learner.

For the Community

SJUSD is a valuable community leader, providing the positive influence, dedicated participation, and active support needed to facilitate the success of the larger community.

Key Messages

Our key messages communicate the most important aspects of our brand.

  • Lifelong learning starts with an unstoppable curiosity about the world around us.
  • Every student has the right to be inspired, excited, and successful at learning.
  • The right tools make even the most challenging obstacles surmountable.
  • There are as many paths to education as there are students.
  • Families are key partners in their child’s education. That’s why we encourage families to engage and participate in their child’s educational journey.
  • The next generation depends on the success of this one. That’s why we support our employees with continuing education, supportive policies, and a collaborative spirit.
  • We bring together community, staff, and a student body from all walks of life, because the lessons we learn from each other are just as important as the lessons we teach.

Copy Examples

These copy examples show our voice and tone in action. Use these as inspiration when writing your own copy.

Sample 1

Your Questions
Answered: Why Does the First Semester End Later Than Usual?

We’ve heard questions and concerns from many of you about our first semester end date, Friday, December 23rd. While we understand this may cause conflicts with holiday plans, we want to let you know that the schedule was carefully considered. We believe it’s the best possible way to meet the needs of our students, teachers, and staff, as well as meeting the goals and objectives of our strategic plan, Opportunity 21. Read on for more details behind this decision.

Sample 2

Report Cards and Their Role in Our Partnership with You

Report cards are just one of the many tools our teachers use to communicate with families, providing an opportunity for discussion and an essential check-in during the school year. Because report cards are often a source of stress for both children and their families, we’ve created a video that explains how to read your child’s report card, as well as what to expect during parent/teacher conferences. Please take a few minutes to watch it, so you can get the most out of your partnership with your child’s teacher.

Writing San José

Remember to properly set the “é” accent when typing “San José Unified School District”.